Mobile Passport App Reviews

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Must have app for frequent travelers

This app give me the opportunity to clear the custom a lot faster. Most main international airports in the US have dedicated counters at the border to serve MPC customers which are empty, that means you dont need to make the long line at customs.

Simple app

Although the 4 star rating for ugly interface. The app is a breeze to use and has gotten me through customs as fast as nexus

Crossing through the lines was an great Experience

I wondered why this app hasnt been developed before. Canada needs one.

Great app

Flew threw immigration, great app and great system


Went through with ho problems

Must have app for US foreign travelers

My family & I sailed true customs in 5 minutes. We went to a different line to get through customs. There was only one other family ahead of us who had the Mobile Pass app. The customs officers knew what to do with the app/phones & our passports and were very friendly. It was fast and easy at the airport arrival because we were basically the only family using it. If there were more people they would need more scanners at the final exit after picking up baggage (there was only one scanner there). I highly recommend this app for frequent foreign fliers!!


We skipped a line of over 500 people!!! Download NOW!!!

First Time and Worked Well

Used in Chicago the first time last week and worked well. Saved me lot of time.

Skip the lines

We recently used the app returning from London. It worked great upon returning to Atlanta. When we got off the plan I asked the person inside if I could use the mobile passport app and she immediately opened the ques and sent us straight to the front of the building. Not all of the attendants were able to process the apps but some were and we had no wait time at all. I highly recommend using the app.

A must app if you travel internationally

Did you know this app comes with its own exclusive line at the border entry? As soon as I showed the app, I was directed to a separate line that had NO ONE on it. I literally skipped 250 people ahead of me and shaved two hours on waiting.

Very well

Good idea, simple and very convenience for both. Thank you.

Major time saver

I hate to say it, but this app worked magic at JFK. I literally did my registration while sitting on the plane when I landed. My wife has Global Entry, and we took exactly the same amount of time getting through immigration -- about 30 seconds. Left the mass crowds in the standard US citizen line in the dust. Definitely download this app, even if you dont travel internationally very often.

No more filling out paperwork.... And private line

Love it

Great App

Best APP ever used several times with no issues whatsoever. Fully recommend

Great job!

Saved us great amount of time!

Worked great

Helped skipped the lines at Seattle Tacoma airport

Saved a lot of time

I used this in SFO today and essentially skipped the form, the line, and the kiosks in both Immigration and Customs. Very easy to use and did not crash.

zippy and easy

What a great option. Way faster!

Great App. Great Result

We used the app for the first time today and it work great. Easy to set up, easy to maintain. While everyone waited on long lines we walked up to the first spot in the mobile passport line. Use this app !!!! By.


Worked great for me. Worth the download. Whipped through Miamis newly modeled airport and through passport control easy. Very breezy. No wait at all.

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